Mexicans have had it:  May 5ht

HERE WE ARE – THE VICTIMS, and We Are Organized


The writer Javier Sicilia is asking in front of 90,000 people for the  secretary of public security, Genaro García Luna to step down


                     Translation of La Opinion’s article, May 9, 2011

Article By Gabriela Mendoza Aguilar
MEXICO CITY – Dignity, peace, justice and harmony. The poet, writer and journalist Javier Sicilia summed up the silence of the march that will launch today from Cuernavaca, the city where her son was killed until the Federal District, a distance of 90 kilometers to 40,000 participants expected.

“That is the cry that is the heartbeat of our beloved Mexico, the cry of our children who were asphyxiated relentless violence word in the lungs and those who are here, standing, sowing our hope and screaming for them defined previously.”

The trek departed from the center of the capital of the neighboring state of Morelos, and the estimated his arrival in Mexico City on Sunday, where  a speech is expected to be strongly supported by people who seek to curb the growing number of killings related to organized crime since 2006. The killing totals more than 36,000 deaths.

Sicily, the poet, considers both offenders and federal governments, state and municipal governments as responsible for the battle officially connected to drug trafficking, but has asked the authorities not to stigmatize the victims.

Without in-depth investigations, official figures lie that 90% of those killed with guns,  gagged and tortured or previously had any direct relationship with the criminals.

Civil society organizations and activists such as Maria Elena Morera – founder of Mexico United Against Crime “, Eduardo Gallo, Alejandro Solalinde, founder of the shelter our brothers in the Way and Emilio Alvarez, a former ombudsman for the City, announced their participation in the march.

Alvarez described the movement as “a citizen’s movement to achieve a transformation of the country” because, in his view, there is a clear failure of government and its secretary for public security to provide minimal protection to citizens.

Sicily highlights the total insecurity that has gripped the space and time in the country “to make public spaces and times in the wrong places and times where innocent people die.”

On 27 March, Juan Francisco Sicily, son of the poet, was kidnapped and killed by asphyxiation in a situation that is not yet entirely clear, although the May 2 Federal Police arrested Jesus Cardenas-Perez and Cesar Arturo Galindo – who agreed to participate.

SOURCE: http://www.impre.com/noticias/latinoamerica/2011/5/9/aqui-estamos-las-victimas-orga-254913-4.htm

Cowardly, Calderon asks Mexicans for support, May 5th, 2011

The businessman and activist Alejandro Martí, President Felipe Caldero, and Secretary of Public Security, Genaro Garcia Luna. EFE

MEXICO CITY, Mexico (EFE) .- The president of Mexico, Felipe Calderón, called today in a recorded message states the commitment and support of the citizens to stop organized crime, days before coming to City Mexico march for peace and against violence.

“To win this fight we need to redouble the effort and we need you, of all citizens,” said the Mexican president in his message, adding that “it is essential to your understanding and support of the entire society.”

Calderon said that nobody likes violence and reiterated that it will keep fighting until it has purged the 32 policemen and 32 state prosecutors.

He recalled a case that has deeply offended, “is the calculated murder of seven young occurred recently in Temixco, Morelos. It is a fact that has shaken the conscience of society.”

He noted that it was possible the arrest of several of the perpetrators of the crime, saying that “we will persevere to find them all and make them pay for their actions.”

The message was delivered a day before the start of a march for peace in the country, which begins Thursday in Cuernavaca, capital of Morelos, and will conclude on Sunday in the Mexican capital.

He added that if the government withdraws from the fight against crime, “going to let gangs of criminals walk the streets with impunity in Mexico, assaulting people, and no one to stop.”

He insisted that to win in this fight requires “greater effort and we need you, of all citizens.”

He explained that it is not that people do what is for the Police and the Public Ministry, but it is “indispensable” understanding and support of society, and because “some people, good or bad faith, seeking stop the action of government. ”

Calderon called on families to help change the culture of illegality and strengthen the principles of legality and punishment to the crime of hostage-taking, torturing, and killings.

“As a father and mother can do much about Mexico getting closer to your children,” she said.

Asked parents to talk to children about the risks of drugs, gangs and violence, to prevent children think it is possible to live illegally in Mexico or the U.S.


Translated by OML.


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