Create Your Own QR Code

It is really easy to create your own QR code for your business, services, or cell phone.

Go here, click: LINK codes: http://goqrme
And input your data. It is that simple.

Here are my QR codes, if you want to reach me, input it into your smartphone, or tablet:

SMS my cell phone:


QR Code generator

QR CodeVCard: QR Code generator

Nutrition facts from my chiropractor:

Cartile mele:


QR code for my Blog on×135


QR code Blog:

And in HTML:

QR Code generator

Copyrighted, Olga Lazin, 2012

My cell phone #

Si HTML, mobilul:
QR Code generator

LINK codes:

Copyrighted Olga Lazin, 2012


About DrOlgaLAZIN

Published writer and university lecturer. 25 years in Education. My website: My books are here: Also on check out my books in English, and Spanish.
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