Vicepresidential Debates: Joe Biden Has Clearly Won


The loveliest debate I have ever watched!


.: Olga Magdalena Lazín :.:

 Joe Biden’s Performance Tonight: Live Coverage on

Ryan was lacking specifics on economy, foreign policy. P Ryan embarrassed himself on Afghanistan, and Syria, etc. I find it terrifying! He blew it, and he is growing to be a liar. On medicare, he did a lot of damage. Look at the reputational character on medicare and social security!

Ryan was looking down, feeling miserable.


Joe Biden gave him a grin,  having a son  fighting the war in Afghanistan helped him a lot.
it was this very pointed moment. Another war, with Iran this time?
Joe biden won tonight, on subsbtance and form, too.
On the stimulus money;  PR blamed it on the staff. They want to privatise medicare, and SS.
On taxes; PR  stayed there with a stoned-face; not answering what loopholes they will close, etc.

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That’s it. Joe Biden made it clear.
We will not let Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan and these Republicans get away with their malarkey.
We’ve got 25 days until the election to beat these guys. Let’s go win this thing.

Dr Lazin & James Wilkie

Dr Olga M. Lazin & Dr James W Wilkie, GastioniDr Olga LAZIN & Nira Weiss

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Post-debate poll: WHO WON? 50% Biden,  20% Ryan.
Biden was directly in line with what the Intelligence service told him about Benghazi,

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